Donation Information

We absolutely love the feeling of helping animals in need and would like you to feel that joy also!

Frequently dogs come into our care that suffer from injuries, chronic illnesses, abuse, neglect and in some cases all of these horrible things combined. As a result, they need specialized treatment including Veterinary care, prescription medicine, surgery, special food, behavioral training and much more.

Because Adoption Fees only cover part of our expenses - your donation is a greatly appreciated balance. Most of the dogs that face these challenges would likely be considered lost causes at other shelters and destroyed as a result.

At Angels Left Behind we allow all of our rescued dogs as much time as they need to find a special owner who can care for them.

After adoption we continue to provide support and the promise that we will always accept the dog back if the owners circumstances change, no questions asked.

If you have any questions or can offer any donations please select any item above to get in contact with us and arrange the donation.